winter photo dump

Winter is officially over! YES! We spent most of our winter being sick. It was great :/ I even got to visit the ER - yay. But some super fun things happened. My sister came!!! It was her first time visiting us and it was…eventful. We had big plans and then my throat started swelling up and I went down with crazy strep while she took care of our kids. Thankfully F has an amazing derm team and they covered for him while he took me to the hospital and doctored me back to health. It was actually so great to have Melissa here to help. It would've been so stressful figuring out what to do with all these kitten while I was down. Plus, F got to take my ticket and they went on a date to Les Mis. I'm trying not to be mad about it (but I am). 
Other highlights: 
we went to Les Mis for our 11th anniversary celebration (still mad I couldn't go twice)
I photographed a calendar for a school fundraiser 
the kids went ice skating every week with their school
the school winter concert - so gooood
the kids got their own ig account - lololol
I took the bigs on a special date
we played in the snow :(
we drank lots of delicious hot beverages
Leslie and I went on lots of girls' nights + sat on each other's couches late into the night
I tried to keep the kids entertained indoor
work picked up big time, which helped get me through the end of winter
and other things that I'm probably forgetting

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