Birthday Month!!!


He's 8! My little dude is 8! We had a fam birthday celebration before he went to TX w/ FDubs & A.Soleil for Aunt Summer's wedding. Then a soccer party with all his silly friends. Those 8 year olds are goofballs! Oy. I was exhausted. But he had a blast, declaring this his most fun birthday ever! Also, he's EIGHT! Wha?!

I kick A when it comes to allergy friendly bday treats.


She's 6! She won't be little and in Kinder anymore…waaaah. It's too sad. 
We celebrated as a family and then had the best Frozen time with her cute friends. Seriously, her friends are darling and make me really sad we're forcing her to move away from them. Her social life has been the most important part of her year, playdates almost every week, so getting all of her besties together was a so fun.  



The previous essay sums up how I'm feeling about this lady. 1 is a big deal and mostly I'm really happy about her getting bigger and more independent. I love this age. So fun, funny, and bizzzzay. Her little personality is adorable. To celebrate we had some cookies, I did a little photo shoot with my real camera and gave her a new garbage can hoping she wouldn't play with the one in the bathroom anymore (didn't work). And that's what you do for a first birthday, eassssssy. 
I meeeeeeean! Right?!

Unfortunately Dr. Dubs was on call, so we had to video-in the bday song.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAY BABIES!!! I didn't plan to always get preggers in August, but I wouldn't change it. I love that May is Birthdaypalooza. Really.  

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