here's the thing about blogging - i like it. i really like it. BUT WHO HAS THE TIME?! 

so, this is what i remember about november...

i turned 30. it was incredibly anti climatic. i gave myself the best gift - an iud. (that's why i like blogging - it feels completely safe to tmi like that because i'm pretty sure no one is reading this.) in some ways i feel like i'm 40 - the experiences and the circles under my eyes! has is only been 30 years?! in other ways i feel like i should be more grounded and secure at this point in my life - i mean why do i care about such stupid things sometimes?!?! but mostly i feel really good about where i am in life, especially after my last session - holy wow! so many lightbulbs! so, there's that.

we adventured a lot in november because it was the last month of comfortably being outside. i got a boston architecture guide for my bday and i read the whole thing and planned a bunch of neighborhood walking tours like a giant nerd. we also went to the museum of science, gardner museum, bpl, and some other kids friendly adventures...i think. i also discovered a cafe that i may propose marriage to.

i started cooking and arting again, which meant something HUGE - PPD started to release it's evil, horrible grasp on my brain. i really want to write more about the terror of PPD, but WHO HAS THE TIME. let's just say it effing sucks. i had no idea how bad PPD could be. i mean, this isn't the first time in my 30 years that i've battled stupid depression, but oh my hell (figuratively). PPD is worse than i could have imagined. the time i should be bonding and connecting with my sweet bundle of yorkstifer was tormented. buuuut THERAPY! praise the lord for therapy. i'm starting to feel like myself again and it feels soooo good to be happy and rational. (sorry guys, this blog might turn into What Abbie Learned in Therapy)

oh, and november = thanksgiving. heidi invited us to thanksgiving. she fed us well, as she always does (seriously, that heidi is good one). and fdubs got off work early, so he caught the very end of the feast. that was something to be grateful for. 

that's what i remember about november. 

and now for the grams because my real camera hasn't seen the light of day since may. 



  1. Hey Miss Abbie! I read your blog, because my google blogger thingy tells me when you (infrequently) post. Glad to hear things are looking up! You will be back in NYC next year right????Pat and I will be in NYC next November for 4-5 days and while he is in boring meetings, I would love to hang out, it you are around...I know it's along time away, but I already look forward to it!

    1. Yes! Let's meet up! I'd love to see you.

  2. Hi Abbie.

    Nice to hear your voice again. :)

  3. Have I ever mentioned how much I love you? I would love a blog about Things Abbie Learned in Therapy.

    And also, I love the IUD. Way to have some radical self-respect, man. I am a big fan of Radical Self-Respect via taking care of oneself.