these two may babes turned 7 & 5! we spent their big days doing whatever they wanted. 
E chose to open his presents first. lunch at "old mcdonalds" for a happy meal. a couple of hours at union square park where he final mastered the silver ball. we were very proud parents! and time at jhood, his very favorite park. then we came home, sang happy birthday, and ate rice krispies treats. it was a great day! we love this kid so much! we're so happy he's ours!

a.soleil's day started a day early since we had so much going on on her actual birthday. she also wanted to go to union square park and "old mcdonalds." on her birthday we took care of business while trying to make her feel everything was about her. opened her presents (look how much she loves her mini guitar!) and went to dinner with fdub's parents, who were here for graduation, and aunt kaci+mmw! it was the best birthday dinner ever because we got chocolate mousse cake. she even joined in while we sang happy birthday to her. another great day celebrating our crazy ball of sunshine! we love her!

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