spring breaaaaak!

fdubs and i like to joke that our kids have more excitement in one week than either of us had in our entire childhood. when we're out doing something fun and they start to whine or say something is boring, we'll respond, "when we were kids we went to the mall and took the escalator for fun! now stop whining and enjoy that bag of dylan's candy!" 

spring break was the right amount of excitement and relaxation. which is what we needed. we had a few adventures: union square park, witnessing the greatness that is nyc art - nick cave's heard ny at grand central, riding the tram to roosevelt island to throw rocks in the east river. we built a fort that stayed up all week and watched movies. we played at the park when it wasn't freezing. we celebrated easter with too much candy and egg hunting and ridiculously cute church outfits. we also celebrate fdub's 32nd birthday! for his bday he got a lot of "gift certificates", favorite home-cooked meals, and one-on-one dates with each kid. with a.soleil, shake shack and a movie. and E went with him to the byu basketball game at madison square garden. it was probably the best night of his whole 6 year life. he reported to his class that he had "so so so so so so so much fun watching basketball in real life with his daddy!"

recap complete! 

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