central park stress relief

i'm going to take a break from being stressed out of my mind and say whaaaat's up internet?! 
things are nuts around here. i can't recommend prepping for birth and a move at the same time. plus, caring for 2 kids and dealing with other craptastic things. guuurrgrghhh. it's no good. i could whine about it for hours, but there isn't time. i've just gotta keep going and then fall apart and then take a nap and then keep going again. 

(note to self: find a good therapist as soon as you get to boston)   

on friday, after i had a little breakdown, i decided i had to get the h out of our hood. we went to central park because shakespeare garden has magical powers that make me forgot how badly i hate the end of pregnancy. 

anyway... let's pretend my life is perfect while we look at these photos together, k?:):):)

and a few from the phone:

so...i guess we'll talk later? maybe? 


  1. I love you I miss you I love you I miss you and I'm so sorry that the end of pregnancy is the WORST THING ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. Would it make you feel better to know that I'm finally reading "Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown, and thinking about our many conversations the whole time?!

  2. You're hilarioius! Loving your post right about now:) Thinking of you! Missing you!!