swiss family dubs...in...son...

Now you get to find out why I proclaimed my love for Switzerland. I (we) loved every single second. Oh goodness me, that is one fine country.

Read on.

  • Took the the most beautiful train ride ever EVER from Geneva to Lausanne. I can not emphasize BEAUTIFUL enough.
  • Checked into the cleanest hotel of the trip with the nicest hotel lady.
  • Walked around old town, did a bit of shopping and ate lunch at a mall cafeteria and IT WAS SO GOOD.
  • FDubs saw a sign that said "Funtastic" and didn't even take a picture. He also went to the lake front and bought pastries while I slept in the next morning.
  • Took the train to...

  • Walked around a bit and then hopped on the bus to get to Chateau de Chillon (which is going have a it's very own post because that castle is amazing! And I took loads o' photos).
  • Participated in the greatness that is the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Ever heard about it? It's kind of a big deal. Unfortunately we missed everyone great, but it was fun to see the preaching unicyclist.
  • Back to Lausanne to sleep, then off to...

  • I loved Fribourg with all my heart. We just walked around and took pictures. It's just the most cutetastic little place you've ever seen...other than the park where all the drug dealers hang out - we don't recommend picnicking there. Oh, and the funicular was wretchedly sticky, but other than that Fribourg was great great great.
  • We went into a church (Cathedral of Santa Claus, I mean St. Nicholas) where we had an amazing conversation about obedience, the love of God, the restored gospel, religion of all kinds, mercy & justice. You could say I had a few, to quote Oprah, ah-ha! moments in that Catherdral. It was awe-inspiring.
  • AND FDubs totally got interviewed for Swiss radio! Radio Suisse Romande, public radio in French Switzerland - he's basically famous.
Please enjoy every photo. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

It was so good!
(I know, I know we're not officially talking about food yet. Why did I make that rule...? I swear I had a good reason.)


He used to unicycle for his own pride, now he does it for Jesus.

Can anyone make this for me? Please? I fell in love and am kinda kicking myself for not buying it.

SOOC! Ah, I love when photos turn out the way I want them to!

A crowd at the Montreux Jazz Festival. I have no idea who's on the stage.

Hello Handsome!

This is right after I complained and he said, "give me your backpack," and I was like "no, I'm fine," and then he said, "just give it to me," and then I was all, "fine! I love you times a million billion, so much that I'll buy you a slushi."
Glad we packed light!

And that's when he was interviewed by Swiss Radio! He was asked if he was familiar with that area of Fribourg and if he was surprised to see a 4-wheeler on the streets there. Huh?

I'll take that one.

The oldest bridge EVER. Okay, not really, I just kept losing track of what was the oldest and how old it was and what was older. It is really old though.

I wish the guy taking this picture could have taken the one of us in front of the Eiffel Tower (that picture was awful, notice I haven't posted it).

Plants or Flowers in Everyone's Windows Always
- that's the new cause I'm passionate about.

Thanks again for carrying my stuff! And making sure we stayed hydrated. And being patient with my bladder size.

Tomorrow Chateau de Chillon!


  1. hey i'm totally enjoying the trip! if you're serious about the skirt, you could always make a custom request on etsy... email if you need more info. sorry for the lack of punctuation. typing one handed.

  2. so, so, soooooo beautiful!!!!!

  3. So, so, so beautiful!!!!! I'm so jealous :) You are way too cute, by the way. And props to Forrest for carrying your backpack--what a sweetie :)

  4. I used to drive my car for my own pride, and now I drive it for Jesus too.

    And yay for people willing to take GOOD pictures of you two together. I think the only reason I have so many of Marcos and I together in Europe is because I have ape arms and I was able to take a lot of them myself!

    Yes, Switzerland is definitely some version of how the Celestial Kingdom will be...

  5. My favorite part of all these pictures are your adorable sunglasses.

  6. I have to tell you- I asked Molly earlier today where she wanted to go on vacation and immediately she lit and exclaimed, "New York!"
    ugh, I was thinking somewhere in the 3-5 hours away range by car. We wish!

  7. I am totally amused with all the pics of Forrest carrying both backpacks! Kudos to you Forrest! How many pounds did you say you had packed?

  8. Ah! Gorgeous! Amazing! So fun to read about your trip and reminisce and plan my next future Euro adventure in my head.

  9. I am LOVING these posts. Seriously. Your vacation was like a dream. Everything just sounds so so perfect. I don't even want to go to Europe because I don't think we could do it as well as you guys did. Sigh... it sounds fantastic. I love how well Forrest treats you. He carried your bags, and let you sleep in (BLISS!) and went out to get things while you slept and planned everything and navigated you around. That sounds just awesome. Lucky you!

    And all your pictures are GORGEOUS. (That SOOC one? Seriously? Lovely.) Ahhhh I am dying over all this beautiful eye candy. Amazing. Ahhh I am excited to see you this week and discuss all of this in detail.

  10. Sigh... it is all SO beautiful. And way to go with the light packing -- that truly makes the difference on a Europe trip, I think. And I just way to say, YAY!! to Forrest for being the very helpful pack mule, and YAY!! to Abbie for always looking so darn cute in your skirts. :-)