Let me just tell you that by this day I was missing my babies SO MUCH! Ahhh! I missed them so much I wanted to light myself on fire. K, not that bad, but still really really REALLY bad. Rome was like Christmas Eve, so it was a good we were distracted by amazingly fantastic things:
attempting to do a sunglasses photo on my handsome model. obviously i'm a pro because you can't see my lens. oh wait...

  • THE COLOSSEUM! Wow! So so super plus cool, and have you read about the history of this ginormous place lately? Vomitorium. Underground passages. Dogs vs. porcupines. Crocodiles and elephants. Perfume used to mask the stench of human blood. Man, those Romans were crazy and their history is fascinating. We toured inside and out (Arch of Constantine) for awhile and I kept thinking wow, I'm really here. this is crazy. I'm in Rome and I'm at the Colosseum. (I get to see my babies in 48 hours).
  • Next we walked over to the Roman Forum - Amazing! Caesars burial spot, the Temple of Vesta & House of the Vestal Virgins, Temple of Saturn, and so much more. It really was incredible.
  • Then up to Palatine Hill. Chock-full of Roman emperor palace rubble.
  • More gelato before a siesta. Our Italy goal: gelato 1-2-maybe-3 times a day.
  • Ended the day with the most romantical meal in Rome at Ristorante La Pentolaccia. It was just perfect and my pear salad was delicious.
  • Oh! I totally saw figure ROLLERskating on Italian TV that night. I'm not kidding. I have a picture to prove it.

Thumbs-up - so appropriate here.

Underground passages with a bunch of crazed animals and about-to-die humans. Insane.

Arch of Constantine

Via Sacra ending with the Arch of Titus

Temple of Venus and Rome

Oh yeesh, are you sick of the same clothes appearing over and over? Because I was. Looking in my backpack was like looking in my closet during the last weeks of pregnancy - this again?

A map of the Roman Empire at its peak in about 100AD

Arch of Titus and the entrance of the Roman Forum.

It was weird/cool to see ruins just hanging out on the ground on the path.
Temple of Antonimus Pius and Faustina

Temple of Vesta.

I really liked this.

Temple of Saturn.

Go ahead, sit on the ruins. No one minds.

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears"
View of the Forum from the Saturn.

I love you, Audrey. I love you, Gelato.

See? I told you I wasn't lying about the figure rollerskating.

After a few hours of sleep we hopped in a taxi at 4am and then hopped on a plane and then hopped on another plane and then landed in TX!

And we guess who picked us up and fed us dinner? 4 of our very favorite people, the Larson family! (Hi Lesley, I love you!)

Then it was on to big D to get home to our babies!

Yes, I'm up late,
and guess what I'm doing while I blog about this?
Listening to our Rome audiotours on my phone. Sad or funny?
I don't want this post to end.
Let's go back, Mr. FDubs.


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS. What an amazing trip. And I bet the reunion with your kids was so sweet. And I'm jealous that you got to see Lesley. Can you see how green I'm turning??

    I'm SO GLAD that you guys got to do this!

  2. Oh no! Start over again! I don't want the European Adventure posts to end! I am glad you still owe us a food post. I can't wait to read it and drool.

    Rome-antic. I love that!

    Your recap of this trip has been so enjoyable. When has a travelogue ever been so hilarious and fascinating and educational? I really really enjoyed this.

    And we LOVED getting to see you and hear some details when you were fresh off the plane. And I do mean fresh -- even after an entire day on an airplane, Abbie's hair was gorgeous. Will you please do a how-to post on that hairstyle? Thanks.

    You guys are great friends. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Please travel through Houston again sometime very soon!

  3. I love it!!! I love Rome. I love reading about your whole trip. And I'm SO GLAD that you got to see the Larsons!!!

    (Okay, you're still doing the food blog, right? Can ya tell that I'm excited for that one?) :-)

  4. I LOVE the photo of the sunglasses with the reflections. So gorgeous and artsy fartsy of you!

  5. Your pictures are SO GOOD! So glad you had such a great trip. I'm giving your blog a big thumbs up.