roman holiday da una parte

Are you wondering when I'm going to stop talking about this trip? Are you bored? I hope not because I'm having fun writing about it. It's been my excuse for not doing dishes or folding laundry. Hang tight, just a few more posts and then you get to hear about all the other exciting things we're doing: changing poopy diapers, going to the doctor, finding bugs in our flour, community pool discovery, the depressing book I'm reading; I could go on for hours with this kind of stuff. K, that's all.

Back to our past life in Rome:
Michelangelo's Pieta. Seeing it brought a tear.

We spent 3 days/3 nights in Rome and that was perfect for us. As far as the city goes, it's a lot like a short (no building can be built higher than the dome of St. Peter's) Italian NYC - we felt right at home with the funtastic madness and kinda like we weren't on vacation anymore. But the SIGHTS! Oh my WOW! Amazing, incredible, spectacular. Let's move on to the list of our 1st day and a half, shall we?

  • Worst train ride ever EVER. Ever. Followed by a dinner that won't make it to my "best of food" post.
  • To bed in a hotel where the power kept sketching out.
  • Taxi (always take a Taxi in Rome) to Vatican City - which is an independent country, if you're wondering.
  • Vatican Museum with a lot of great art, including some mega great Raphael's; but you kind of don't care because all you want to see is the...
  • SISTINE CHAPEL!!! Swoon de swoon swoon swoon. It was amazing! I could've tipped my head back all day. Seriously breathtaking.
  • On to St. Peter's Basilica - huge and home of...
  • Michelangelo's famous dome and his Pieta! Both are beautiful.
  • St. Peter's square with great view of Michelangelo's inspiring-to-all-artists dome.
  • Bought some postcard of the Pope.
  • A boring and way-too-hot (I shouldn't complain about heat, we were the ones who picked July) Dolce Vita stroll towards our hotel for a siesta.
  • Passed by Victor Emmanuel's giant monument and Trajan's Column.
  • The Pantheon! Which would have been kind of boring, but we had our rockin' awesome audiotour that made it - and every sight, really - so much better.
  • Plus the neighborhood around the Pantheon is fun and that's where you'll find Gelateria CaffePasticceria Giolitti (mouthful) - the best gelato we had in Rome.
  • Then a not-very-romantic (too many people! we picked July) but entertaining Rick Night Walk to see Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona (full of great street performers) with cool Bernini fountains including Four Rivers, lots and lots of ruins popping up everywhere, Trevi Fountain, ending with the Spanish Steps.
  • And then back to the hotel for some awesome Italian TV.

Now let's have a look:

next to this little guy was winner of the oldest thing we saw - 3000BC,
but this one was more interesting to look at, and it's pretty old too.

Silly pigeon, your NYC cousins would be proud of your skills.

Doctor Doctor

Quick look at Raphael's School of Athens before we got to...

The Sistine Chapel:
i wish i took this picture

Then to St. Peter's:

Here you can see the Obelisk and the Pope's apartment windows.

Victor Emmanuel Monument

Trajan's Column


(holla Texas peeps!)

Four Rivers Fountain

Ruins everywhere - so so cool!

Trevi Fountain

Refill in front of the oh-so crowded Spanish Steps

We are so going to a taping of this show next time we're in Rome.

Tomorrow: Our last full day of vacation.


  1. Ahhhh the Pieta. There's a replica inside ND's Basilica and it brings me to tears every time. I think that's my favorite sculpture EVER. So beautiful.

    It's really crazy to me that people just live amongst these ruins all the time. Like hi, I live in Rome, and over there is a 7th century building, and it's no big deal. ?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. love love love the pieta! When I went, someone had tried to shoot it recently so there was bullet proof glass and it was barricaded, you couldn't get very close at all. I was sad. AND I'm gonna be sad when your posts stop! : )

  3. John and I have a goal to visit Rome one day. I would just LOVE it.

  4. i absolutely LOVE the pieta! i get emotional every time i see a picture of it.

    i was able to visit rome in 2005, and can't wait to travel back there with my husband. i decided that italy is WAY too romantic to visit while single... =]

  5. I just caught up on your last few posts! What an amazing adventure. And all the gelato, real gelato, totally jealous about that one. Hopefully Seth and I will take a trip like this someday. Who am I kidding, of course we will! I'll be referring back to your blog and you for tips! Can't wait to see the rest! Looking forward to the food post!!!

  6. Rome was definitely our favorite European city. I love that you just happen upon ruins ALL the time!! (I hope the Romans appreciate the awesomeness of that.) I loved that Rome was so easy to walk. And I think we ate gelato twice a day (we made excuses along the lines of the walking thing). When you were in the Sistine Chapel, were the guards constantly clapping and yelling at people not to take pictures? Haha!

    PS - I am NOT bored of your Europe posts. I am drooling over each one!

  7. I am loving the Europe posts and wish they could go on forever! Not boring at all, are you kidding?! This is the furthest thing from boring I can think of. And I can't believe we're coming to the end already. How is that possible? It went by too fast! Sigh... At least I still have the food post to look forward to. :) I miss you! You're the coolest! I loved these pictures and your descriptions of Rome!