humble country home(s)

Louis' prized hall of mirrors. They used it as a hospital after the revolution. Ha! Take that, Louis.

Paris Day Deux
  • We took the train (with an extra fun/depressing accordionist) from Paris to Versailles.
  • Um...Versailles...WOW! HUGE. Pretty much the most amazing little country home(s) that Louis 14/15/16 could have invented. Apparently you can build a pretty nice place with half of your country's GDP at your disposal.
  • Brushed up on the history (French history is so cool!) about those indulgent royals that really needed a getaway from their getaway for their getaway from their getaway, and then lost their heads.
  • Spent hours and hours walking and biking (so fun!) around the amazingly ginormous gardens.
  • Found out that there was still more to see past the gardens: Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and...
  • Our favorite, the Hamlet.
  • Sleepy train ride back to Paris to see a concert at Sainte-Chapelle. Back to the stained glass to see an amazing violinist play Vivaldi!
  • Bought postcards. I really like postcards.
  • And dinner at Leo le Lion. BUT I'm not going to tell you about it because I have a whole blog post in the works just for food!

300 years ago this place was buzzing with up to 5,000 nobles and their entourages.

The only room with any references to Christianity. Even there, the nobles bowed and prayed to Louis 14, who in turn addressed heaven.

And that's when the big camera died. Enter iPhone pictures:

King Louis' bed/Marie Antoinette's bed (where she birthed her children PUBLICLY!)

Like I said, the Hamlet was our favorite. Marie Antoinette just needed a little pretend peasant village to escape to (while real peasants were starving to death).

A newspaper ad to sell the palace's furniture after the royals went to the guillotine.

Back in Paris.

The lead violin was amazing! Four Seasons was fantastic. But oh my sweat it was hot in that church!

Aw, cute street art.

And that was day two...


  1. love the street art. But birthing in public.. uh, no.

  2. This is so fun! I love the tour!!! I feel like I'm getting a little mini-vacay here! :)

    Ah, I'm just eating this all up! How fascinating and beautiful. Your writing is so witty and descriptive too.

  3. What a day!! I adore Versailles, too. I couldn't believe that crazy ol' Louis XIV had his own OPERA HOUSE inside his castle. Hahaha... humble, indeed. :-) And I would've cringed at the public birthing thing. "Seriously? I have to do it like this? I'm the queen, right? So... like, seriously?" Haha!

  4. Oh, I forgot to say... I am SO THRILLED for the food blog!!! AHH!!!

  5. I am freaking out about this! FREAKING OUT from excitment! This is all so amazing and you are taking such great pictures! Oh, and ABBIE, you and your style is SO CUTE!!!!

  6. You are so absolutely adorable. And I am so jealous. And yes, I would LOVE to live in that Hamlet, minus other people starving to death. But so darn cute!

  7. It's so fun to see your posts because I've been reading a little bit of Marie Antoinette's history. Plus also I'm uber jealous and hope someday to ask you advice as we plan our own European trip.

  8. Oh, man, the Four Seasons live in Paris?!? I'm so jealous!! BTW the temp in the church was suppose to help you appreciate the 3 'summer' movements. :) Great pictures.

  9. Agreed--the hameau at Versailles is the coolest.