Genève - Geneva - Ginevra - Genf

Guest blogger: Mr. FDbus McHottest

And now we come to...

...the best city in the world. And my favorite of the trip.

Geneva Night 1:
  • Walked out to the Jet d'Eau after if was dark. The wind was blowing, we got soaked, and Abbie almost fell into the lake...not really.
Geneva Day 2:
  • Took advantage of Geneva's free bike loan program and pedaled around the lake.
  • Rode past the botanical gardens, up a few miles to the mission home (more on that later).
  • Biked through the international area, highlighted by the UN building.
  • Ate amazing chocolate truffles.
  • Rediscovered the most delicious cereal in the world - I'm not exaggerating here.
  • Had a picnic dinner featuring a 2 liter of Orangina.
  • Went swimming and watched the sun set from Lake Geneva's baby-plage.
Geneva Day 3:
  • Went to Place Neuve and Parc des Bastions.
  • Abbie, a little tired from all the vacation excitement, stayed in the park and took a nap and practiced her French with the locals ("Je ne suis pas francaise, but I speak English"). She awoke to a fantastic Gypsy marionette show.
  • I saw the Reformers' Wall, Old Geneva, St. Pierre Cathedral, and the Reformation Museum.
  • After lunch we reconnected and went to the Martin Bodmer museum, which has a stunning collection of texts and documents.
  • For dinner we ate fondue in Old Geneva followed by pear ice cream that is the most delicious food I have ever had. (Ahem, Mr. FDubs, we're not supposed to talk about food yet. Oh, that pear ice cream was sooooo yummy.... I'm convinced that's what angels will serve first thing when you get to heaven.)
  • Endured our last night in the hottest, loudest hotel of the trip.
For your viewing pleasure, I give you beautiful Geneva:

Le Jet d'Eau: shooting water at 124mph up to a height of 460 feet

Abbie was really excited about all the weird creatures on the carousel.
Probably even more excited than I was about the pink Lamborghini.

The UN's Palais des Nations

Naked children playing in the fountains in front of the Sri Lankan protesters in front of the UN

No trip to Geneva is complete without a visit to the chocolatier

Picnic dinner

Place Neuve

Université de Geneva

The Reformers' Wall was one of my favorite things - it was powerful. Somehow I never visited it in the 10 months I lived in Geneva. John Calvin is second to the left. A lot of French Protestants fled here after persecution by Louis 14.

"The voice of a single man in one hour can give us more life than the clamor of
five hundred trumpets roaring unrelentingly in our ears."

Calvin's wooden chair inside St. Pierre's Cathedral

Outside the Bodmer museum, located in the "Beverly Hills" of Geneva


  1. Wow, every bit of this trip looks amazing! I can't wait to see your pictures of Italy! Looks like the trip of a lifetime.

    BTW, we totally got burned out on Day 6 of our trip too (in Vienna). All we did was eat and rest that day. Somehow we got through the rest of the trip without another one of these "rest" days...maybe because the rest of the trip we were in Italy!

  2. You are so hot in that last one! My mom shorts on the other hand...not so much. That was a really good nap.

  3. Switzerland!!!! F&A, this is just TOO great!! Oh beautiful scenery, Forrest's mission!, CHOCOLATE, bikes around the lake...rad!, big chess pieces in the park, Abbie is adorable everywhere she goes, the architecture is gorgeous, amazing history, the picnic food looks so good, love those cathedral and paper shots, pretty Swiss flag and Forrest! oh, Dan misses Forrest...

    Love you guys!!! Ah, so so so awesome!

  4. Jonny and I had fun looking at that. We will go someday!
    I loooove all the photography.

  5. excellent post. i especially like abbie's french practice.