european vacation: the best of food

Of course I'm not going to forget about the food post I promised.

If someone put a gun to my head and said, "you must eat in one city for the rest of your life. Pick. Now!"
"Easy, Paris!"
Everything we put in our mouth in Paris was delicious times 10. Except for Foie Gras - that stuff is disgusting. But everything else was delectable. The list of deliciousness would be ridiculously long, so I'll just show you pictures.

Switzerland had pretty delicious food too. A great mix of French and Italian with a dash of German + fondue, chocolates, and Farmer Croc. The fondue meal in Geneva was awesome; not only was the food yummy the conversation was the best ever - I love that Mr. FDubs. And that's were we partook of the most delicious eatable thing ever created: pear ice cream. Heavenly, as I said before.

The all-stars of Italian food: Florence & Cinque Terre, and gelato. May I recommend our favorite flavors? Solo: melon verde, melon, pear, and the kind we got in Venice with the huge chunks of chocolate but I can't remember the name. Best flavor combinations: banana+lemon+pear & lemon+strawberry & chocolate mousse+peanut butter. Obviously we are experts on gelato flavors now.

Don't be ashamed if you just licked your screen, I did too.


  1. I am drooling. Oh goodness. I WANT!

  2. Is this your last vacation post?? Because if it is, you should just start all over again! You have enough pictures from each place you could do a 2nd post right? I've loved reading about your adventures :) And the food looks AMAZING!

  3. Ah! Firefox needs to not crash while I'm looking at food and trying to comment.
    I want to pick the eclair right off the screen. Molly likes Forrest and the huge pizza.

  4. I didn't lick my screen but I am salivating. Looks so fabulous and I love how you documented it! You are so lucky!

  5. Mmmm. Mmmm. MMMMM!!!!! I just exploded. It all looks SO GOOD!!!

    The two things I miss most about Europe are the bread/pastries in Paris (you just can't find 'em like that) and the gelato in Rome. I would always get nutella gelato - absolutely my favorite.

    I have never seen a fork-knife before. I spoon a spork before, but never a... forknife... maybe? haha!

  6. The food was great...the chain smokers sitting next to us, not so much

  7. Now I want to go to Europe. Wow.

  8. How did I miss this one?! I was just scrolling back because I was trying to keep an eye out for the food post and there it was and might I say, oh my. And just by the pictures of Paris...I'd agree. The food looks like what heaven might be like! I'm glad I ate my lunch before I saw this though or else I'd be super depressed that I have nothing that appealing in my house!