cinque terre: "frankly, staying fewer than 2 nights is a mistake you'll likely regret"

It's true. We so wish we would have had more time in Cinque Terre. But where would we have taken time from? I dunno. Next time (ha!) we'll be there at least 3 days.

Highlights of our too-short time in Vernazza, one of the five villages in Cinque Terre.
  • The cutest most colorful little villages you've ever seen.
  • The food & gelato! My favorite food in Italy.
  • The most delicious breakfast of our trip at Il Pirate.Those Sicilian Pastries was tasty!
  • Swimming in Mediterranean.
  • Relaxing with the sunset.
  • Just enjoying being together. It was wonderful!
  • Walking Via dell'Amore.
  • The boat ride to the train station - seeing the other villages.
  • Our hotel was really cute.

The Lowlights:
  • Our hotel was soooo hot.
  • The heat hit me hard while we were hiking and I kind of freaked out. It was so stinking hot!
  • The train ride to and from - horrible (but totally worth it).

The tunnel of loooove.
we didn't have any writing tools to add Abbie + Forrest.

If it wasn't obvious, we loooooved this little place on the Italian Riviera.


  1. It looks so beautiful there! Great pictures!

  2. I want to go there SO BADLY. That looks like paradise. We'll go with you guys next time :) (Then you'll have 2 more people who don't speak the language)

  3. Wow, it is SO gorgeous. Breathtaking, I shall go so far to say. :-) And I'm with Lisa, the Andersons will tag along with you next time. (Or at least we'll just repeat your exact itinerary, haha.)