chateau de chillon

i didn't take this picture

Chateau de Chillon is the most visited historical monument in Switzerland and for good reason - it's amazing!

Click HERE for a bit of history of the castle. There are parts that are 12th (maybe 11th) century old and other parts that are 18th century old. It was inhabited by the House of Savoy, the Bernese, and then the Vaudois Revolution made it Canton of Vaud's. It was made famous by Lord Byron who wrote the Prisoner of Chillon 1816. Many other artists and writers have been inspired and here's why:

When we first saw his name we thought wait, why did they imprison Lord Byron? Oh, no, he just visited and wanted to etch his name to go with the many prisoners' names all over the walls.

The "basement" was definitely the best part: prison, secret exits, old alters from a church that was squashed by the castle.

One of the courtyards.

The King's dining hall.

Pop your head out the window and see this all around:

Finally! A picture of a clock. We really are in Switzerland.

After spending a couple hours touring, we relaxed and stared at the perfect blue-green water with the Alps behind.

The Dermatologist won't find any skin cancer on those legs.

Big, fat thumbs-up!
(Jon, did I do it justice?)

On to the German side of Switzerland: Interlaken & Lauterbrunnen!


  1. Nice one Abbie! The chateau was seriously my second home on the mission. Some of the best pictures I have of the castle are from the train ride from Vevey to Sion on a clear day. The train would follow the mountains heading south and gave a perfect view of the castle with the lake in the background. You could see all the way to Evian France on a really clear day.

  2. This may be my favorite post so far, I just can't get over how beautiful and amazing that looks. What a gorgeous castle in the most amazing setting!! Wow, so jealous :)

  3. WOW. WOW. WOW. WWWWOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Every single picture is amazing. That place is so stinking beautiful. I need to go to Europe! So so fun!

    That picture of Forrest on the dock, centered, black and white? AMAZING. You're my hero.

  4. You have such FABULOUS pictures! WOW! So I went to Switzerland last April and went to Chillon, but my pictures look like a small child took them compared to your professional ones! I loved this castle, but it was dark and rainy the day I went. Lame, oh well--a reason for a next trip there! But it was still gorgeous even on an overcast day. Maybe I can use your pictures? :)

    I've loved reading all your posts and totally want to do my trip over again. I didn't know Forrest had served there. I should have asked you guys before I left on my trip to plan it since you totally know how to travel! Anyways, looks like you guys had a blast and I'm so happy for you! You two totally deserve it. I've loved all your past posts and look forward to the rest!

  5. I'm pretty sure I'd like to live there forever and ever. :-)