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I think his thoughts are much more serious than mine.

Paris Day 3 & 4
Day 3:
  • Looked at the outside of Pompidou and the fountains. So cool! But we didn't go in.
  • Went on a walk through Marais. I loved this neighborhood! It just might have been my favorite neighborhood walk of our whole trip. We saw:
  • The Jewish Quarter - so fun! - and ate the most delicious falafel of our lives (oh wait, not talking about food yet!).
  • Hotel de Sully and Place des Vosges (Victor Hugo's house).
  • Apartment posting for sale and rent.
  • Another bookstore (name?). Best postcards.
  • Paris Historical Library with the coolest purple doors you've ever seen.
  • Carnavalet Museum's perfectly manicured gardens. You've gotta love French gardens. Then to the...
  • Musee d'ORSAY! Loved it loved it (even though quite a few of the master pieces were on loan in Seattle). Who doesn't love some great Impressionism?
  • I got caught taking iPhone pictures ("No photo! No photo!" Oops) of some of our favs (down below). After apologizing (desole), we headed to the...
  • RODIN Museum! Loved this one too. I love when the People in Charge of Art make mansions into art museums. Photos of our favs below.
  • Then we took a photo of Les Invalides (where Mr. Bonaparte is entombed) and walked around a bit.
  • (oh, I really want to talk about food right now because we had the most delicious dinner, but it will be so fun to slap it all in one lickable post.)
Enter half-day 4:
  • Arc de Triomphe! So cool. We went up and got better-than-Eiffel-Tower views of Paris.
  • Walk down Champs-Elysees where you can shop at Louis Vuitton and then have lunch at McDonald's (we didn't do either).
  • Ended the walk at Place de la Concorde. The location where many of the 2,780 (!, up to 30 per day) people were beheaded during the Reign of Terror, including, yep, Louis 16 and Marie-Antoinette.

And now we'll show you:

Store window reminding us of our sweet A.Soleil (oh! i missed those kids!).

French in Action! Anyone? Anyone!?!

I remember studying the Pompidou in Humanities and thinking I want to go to there! But I burned myself out on Modern Art for awhile, so we'll have to go inside next time.

Hello Handsome. You from around here?

We found a few places in our budget (ha!).

We'll take that one on the corner there.

Two of F's favorite things: hot (he told me to add that) wife and seeing French.

Every big city should have a ferris wheel smack in the middle.

Musee d'Orsay (picks up where the Louvre left off):

Doctor meet Doctor.

Walking across the city to Rodin:

Let the record show I was the first to thumbs-up something.
(Thumbs are going to be popping up a lot very soon.)

Knucks, bro.

The Arc and Forrest's unfocused cute noggin.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from WWI

AH! A hot pink Lamborghini! F was soooo excited about this.

It's true! I do!

The fuzzy Obelisk of Luxor behind me marks the place of the beheadings.

Good-bye! Je t'aime Paris!!! We'll be back...in few years.

TGV to Geneva!


  1. (Tell me truthfully... was church as challenging for you as it was for us? We went to that same ward (I assume, because it was close to Centre Pompidou...), and the experience was awful. I should say first that I was pregnant and didn't feel awesome, but we could not hear a word of what anyone was saying because the entire back half of the room was still carrying on the conversation they started before the meeting began! I talked to my friend who just got back from her mission to Rome, and we laughed about how "reverence" gets played out a little differently in Europe... gotta take off my American glasses to appreciate it, I guess!).

  2. Oh my gosh. So jealous. I love that you (illegally) took pictures of some of the art that you saw, because I STUDIED THAT! I AM SO JEALOUS BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE IT!! So jealous. But glad you enjoyed :) And you guys are too cute!

  3. Awww, your pictures are all so cute!!! Isn't Rodin amazing??

  4. Holy crap, lady. I cannot even believe this trip! It just looks AMAZING!

    I am looking forward to the food post with great anticipation. :)

  5. I laughed when I read your first line, "I think his thoughts are much more serious than mine." Ha ha ha! So CUTE!

    Oh, it would been too fun to hear your commentary on this trip. As always, I LOVE the pics and the stories. Daily dose of happiness, thank you :)

  6. "Knucks Bro" Bhah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That was AWESOME! Rhett’s favorite part was the car! It's so crazy to see a brand new almost futuristic looking car among all of these old streets and architecture.

  7. I am LOVING these posts, and can't wait to read the rest. It's like reading a great book complete with fabulous pictures of fun people! Your trip looks amazing so far!!

  8. You are so freaking adorable. You and Forrest together are so freaking adorable. I love you guys. Your trip looks soooooooo fun.

  9. Abbie, I am going to take you on my next trip so you can pose in front of everything. How cute are you?!

    Oh, and your trip? Amazing. Thanks for sharing all the details!!

  10. i am so glad that you loved paris! it made me so happy seeing all of your pictures! it brought back all of my fun memories from our visit last year. thanks for sharing this with all of us.