a vaction from our vacation

Interlaken & Lauterbrunnen = BEAUTIFUL!
It was so nice to get all snuggled up into the Alps and have a vacation from our vacation.
Here's how it went...

Half Day One:
  • Arrived in Interlaken, bought some chocolate and hopped on another train to get up to Lauterbrunnen.
  • Practiced our fake German accents.
  • Lauterbrunnen was the perfect place to stay. We checked into our very favorite hotel of the trip - balcony, amazing view!, clean, cool, good size, big sink for washing socks and undies.
  • Watched a cow bell parade!!! from our balcony.
  • It was raining so we spent the night relaxing (it was so nice and cool, a great break from the heat of our other destinations) and laughed as we read email from Connie with E&A updates (your kids are especially funny when you've been away from them for awhile).
  • We finally braved the rain to get some food - rosti and fondue. The whole dinner we eavesdropped on some English friends talking about their trip to Paris, hey, we were just there too!

Day Two:
  • Headed up to Schilthorn - a ginormous mountain summit and the location of the James Bond 1969 movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service (how's that for historical?).
  • We went up for the views, but THE CLOUDS, oh the clouds!
  • Waited out the clouds by being goofy in the gift shop and playing tic-tac-toe, but the clouds won.
  • Went back down, had lunch, enjoyed the other beautiful lower views.
  • Contemplated the suspension bridge.
  • Nature walked. Oh, it was nice to be in real life nature with no one else around.
  • Went to Trummelbach Falls - ten waterfalls inside a mountain. Super cool!
  • Laundry in the sink time!

Day Three:
  • Said goodbye to our favorite hotel and headed back down to Interlaken.
  • Walked up and down the blue Aare river.
  • Wondered why the heck we forgot the other real backpacker's backpack in NY and regretted not buying one in TX. My backpack really was the worst.
  • Ate a delicious lunch river side.
  • Hopped on the train and said a tearful (not really) goodbye to beautiful BEAUTIFUL Switzerland.
I give you God's handmade beauty:
Our hotel. Maybe we should live there every July and August?

Out the window.

What is that noise? WHAT? A cow bell parade!?! Saaweet!

I love you too.

Up up up to Schilthorn

Can you take a picture of me with this cloud?

Oh, that's what those mountains look like.

F wins!

Clouds win. Boooo.

Rosti, anyone?

We wanted to, Josh, but we didn't. Kind of regretting it now.

Were you in Full House?

How now brown cow? (Forrest made me.)

These houses were killing me with their cuteness.

Trummelbach Falls

Back to Interlaken

Goodbye, Beautiful. We'll be back with the Swiss Family Petersons:)

On to Italia!


  1. For some reason my brain cannot comprehend how beautiful it is there. It is just so beautiful. It's so beautiful that it's making me question why I'm living in Tulsa when a place of that beauty exists in the world. Hahaha! Anyway, GREAT PICTURES!!! I want to go to there.

  2. Even their cows are prettier!
    Will says he missed Eli.
    Were you talking about walking that bridge? I could not have. I had a dream last night that the whole family went sky diving. But me. No way.
    (Jonny is loving these posts! Keep persuading him to get us there ASAP!)

  3. The post I have been looking forward to!

    (not to say i havent enjoyed the Geneva french side of things - but i think that would mean admitting perhaps maybe one day of having slipped over our mission boundaries and went for a stroll at the jet d'eu. Thanks voie7 (gleis7 in german) Forrest probably knows about this.

    Regardless. so jealous.
    miss that blue water of the Lake Brienz.
    Bummer bout the clouds on Schilthorn - they can be pesky - love that you all stayed in lauterbrunnen and got up on all those fun little hills.

    It is good to leave things to come back to - (the bridge for sure).

  4. These posts are killing me with all of the beautifullness (that's a word, promise). But, this one is most beautifulest!! Holy smokes. And, what is better than a sign that says Ausfahrt??

  5. Yeah, I was looking closely at the pictures in your last post to see if your pack had a hip strap... but alas. But really, that's all past now, and in a few months you won't even remember that part!

    I love all of your photos (I even think the clouds were gorgeous), but especially the red boat in the green water. Very nicely done...

  6. Wow, so beautiful. looks absolutely perfect. How wonderful you guys got to go!

  7. COW BELL PARADE???? Way too awesome.

    And I am just loving the thumbs up pictures. You guys have to be the cutest couple EVER.

  8. AHHHH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to go there! My parents are going in just a few weeks and they want to stay at the hotel you loved so much. Ahhhh I can't get over how gorgeous it is! I am so happy for you that you got to go to all these amazing beautiful places. SO FUN!

    The thumbs up pictures are seriously making me laugh.

    So is your commentary. I love you!

  9. Ah! This is where I went too. I love this place! So glad you got such great photos. Oh, breathtaking, that's the word this place deserves.

  10. I just re-read this post again and I feel like I just took a vacation. I really do! I can almost feel the cool mountain air just looking at the photos. And the photos...hello! Abbie, these pictures are GORGEOUS! WOW!

    And yes, the dream lives on! We will make it back there with you guys!! :)